Make your Digital Card a permanent part of your phone

QRs Life sells phone tags that can be attached to a phone case or a laptop and share your digital card information. When the tags are scanned, you share access to all the information stored on your digital card business page.

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  • Select digital card desing

    Choose from a wide range of digital cards tags, each with NFC and QR code technology.

  • Scan or Tap to Activate

    One you receive your product you can tap or scan the tag QR code and claim it under your QRs Life account

  • Customize your Tag

    Connect with customers or share your social links on the go and avoid the hassle of carrying outdated business cards.

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Your Digital Business Cards Now On Your Phone

Digital business cards can be uploaded by simply scanning the QR code. They are also more affordable, and you do not have to worry about size or quantity limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a QR code business card works?

When someone scans the QR code they will be led to your business page where they can see all your contact information, links, photos, and save your contact info.

What are the benefits of digital business cards?

Digital business cards offer more than just a way to share contact information.

The contact card can include the following - custom email signature, text message, phone number, social media links and more.

Do I need an app to scan QR code?

To pull up your business profile, you
can either tap the tag with your phone, scan the QR code.

There is no app required!