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What are QR code Google review cards and why do they matter?

What are Google Review Cards?

As a business owner, you are probably constantly looking for new and innovative ways to market your business as efficiently and cheaply as possible. We get it, we’ve been there. Our business revolves around yours. Our success depends on your success, which is why we came up with Google review cards. 

As part of our mission to make your life easier through the amazing technologies we have at hand nowadays, we figured out a way to help you market your business in a more efficient way than ever before. Here’s what you should know. 

What are Google Review cards used for?

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Let’s start with the beginning.  As the owner of a physical business, you probably already know that word of mouth is the best way to keep your business running and succeeding. People share their experiences with your services and there is no stronger endorsement for your business than someone saying to a friend “I went there and everything was amazing”. 

Google took this to a different level. With the introduction of business profiles on Google Maps everything changed. Every Google user can share details about their experiences with everyone else who comes across your Google Business profile.

So, how do you get people to review your services and share their positive experiences with thousands of other potential customers? Some do it because they love doing it. Google incentivizes users to share their thoughts and review businesses they visit on Google Maps. But others are a lot less likely to make this effort. That is where our concept comes in.

What’s the point of having a Google review business card?

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A business card dedicated to getting people to rate your services on Google Maps is exactly what you need if you feel like you could benefit from a stronger and more valuable online reputation.

A Google review card is a business card that comes with a unique QR code and NFC chip that will work like this:

  • Your customers will receive the card from your employers
  • They will be asked to scan the QR code or use the NFC tap option with their own mobile devices
  • This will direct them to your business’s Google Maps profile, where the customers can rate your services and share their experiences.

Of course, this is the simplest way to describe the process. There’s a lot more to discuss when it comes to the way this can be done and how it will help you succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Moreover, with the Google review cards from QRs Life, you get the added bonus of being able to cleverly filter out negative reviews. More on that a bit further below.

How can you get customers to use your Google review card?

It may seem like a rather awkward process, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.  The process of getting people to rate your services and asking for their honest opinions about the way your business satisfies their particular needs can be a simple and pleasant one.

There are many different solutions you can use to incentivize customers to rate your service on Google Maps, and Google review cards are by far the best choice. Here’s how you can get more of your happy customers to use them:

    Explain how valuable this is for your business. Clearly communicate the benefits of leaving a review. Let your customers know that their feedback doesn’t just help you and the visibility of your business, but also improves the community. 

        1. Make in-person requests. Rather than leaving your Google review card on the table or at the bar, train your staff to politely hand out the review cards and verbally request the review. Personal interactions are very powerful motivators.
        2. Engage with online reviewers. People are more likely to share their opinions if they feel like their voices will be truly heard. Seeing that many of the previously posted Google reviews have been answered and addressed one way or another by the owners will make customers more likely to share their experiences and rate the quality of your services, regardless of what those might be
        3. Be consistent. Make it a habit for your staff to take full advantage of Google review cards. It’s a numbers game. The more people are asked to use these cards, the more likely you will be to receive the amount of praise your business needs to thrive. 
        4. Reward employers who get more and better reviews.  Acknowledge employees who receive positive reviews by celebrating their efforts within the business. This will motivate your staff to be more persuasive and to offer better service.

          Why are Google review cards important?

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          The importance of Google review cards can only be understood once we realize what the importance of online reviews on Google Maps can mean for your business.

          For starters, you should know a little bit about customer behavior these days. One of the most important things you should learn, understand, and adapt to, is that online search is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of your customers.  Many purchasing decisions are made solely based on impulses or conclusions drawn from online searches.

          That means that if you own a physical business with a decent online presence and a good reputation, chances are that new people will choose your services every day simply because of the fact that you appear as a top choice through searches. The more reviews you have and the higher your overall score is, the more people will choose you instead of your competition.

          While your services may be impeccable every single day, we all know two things for sure:

            • You can never really please everyone
            • People are generally lazy
          These two statements have two direct results impacting your business:
          • You will, inevitably, get some poor reviews, regardless of the quality of your services
          • Even the happiest and most satisfied of customers will sometimes find it too complicated or difficult to simply review your business.

          All of this has an effect on your reputation. If you can't get the satisfied customers to share their experience and have to deal with unfair negative reviews, your business can suffer tremendously.

          That is why Google review cards are important: they are easy to use, convenient for the customer, and are a great way to incentivize people to make the effort to rate your services. 

          What are the main benefits of Google review cards for your business?

          increase google reviews

          Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons why you should probably buy Google review cards and make them a part of your marketing efforts.


          Your business will benefit from increased credibility and trust

          As we already established, customers generally make informed choices and these choices are, more often than not, influenced by the reviews they find online. Positive reviews from customers serve as social proof of the value your business provides for the community and the quality of your services. 

          Better visibility 

          Search engines generally value both the quantity and the quality of online reviews when determining rankings for different businesses. Better search rankings represent a sure way of improving visibility with minimal Local SEO investments.


          Personal engagement with customers

          We live in special times in the history of mankind and social interactions seem to be at an all-time low. We chat, text, email, or interact digitally a lot more than we do face-to-face. When one of your employees approaches a customer directly to ask for a review, this interaction can have a huge significance for the overall experience a customer has. 

          Reputation management

          By using review cards you get empowered to take control of your online reputation by actively encouraging people to rate your services positively. This can be a great tool to counterbalance any negative feedback you receive and showcase the full spectrum of customer experiences.

          Improved customers insights

          While managing your online reputation and slightly manipulating it in your favor is perfectly fine, you can take advantage of the increased number of reviews you will receive thanks to the Google review cards by simply getting more information from your customers. What they like, what they don’t like, how they feel that your services can be improved, these are exciting and powerful pieces of information to have. If you take action, you will be on a constant slope of improvement. And that is how businesses evolve.


          Another thing you should know is that at the moment, not very many physical businesses have these Google review cards available for customers. That means that you will stand out in a positive way. Customers will appreciate the way you empower them to share their opinions and the fact that you are proactively giving them a voice. This shows you are committed to improving your services. 

          Data-driven decisions

          Having access to more customer reviews can influence the way you make business-related decisions. Should you invest in a better coffee machine? Do your customers appreciate the quality of products delivered by one of your providers? You can gain access to incredibly valuable insights through customer reviews.

          Better, cheaper SEO

          Google reviews contribute to your local SEO efforts by providing fresh and relevant user-generated content. Review cards can drive more reviews, boosting your online visibility.

          Why should you choose the Google review cards from QRs Life?

          While whether you should or shouldn’t use  Google review cards is a no-brainer, how you choose the cards and how you take full advantage of the options out there. 

          One thing you should know is that even if you choose to simply generate your own QR code Google reviews online and print it on a simple piece of paper, you are still making a right choice for your business. But you are missing out on a couple of important benefits only we can provide. 

          1. You will get high-quality, durable cards your employees will be able to use thousands of times without any signs of wear and tear
          2. The cards are not personalized with your logo, which will make them look more professional and directly linked to Google rather than your own brand.
          3. We will take care of your QR code
          4. Your cards will have an NFC chip, which means your customers will be able to simply tap with their phones in order to access your dedicated page.
          5. Our QR codes and NFC options lead your customers to a personalized page where we separate them according to their experience, as follows:

          • People who choose the very happy emoticon are directed to your Google Business profile where they can review your services directly on Google Maps

          • People who choose a moderately happy or even unhappy emoticon are directed to a different page where they can share their feedback with you in private (you will receive the feedback via email, and it won’t be made public on Google Maps).

          Needless to say, this amazing way of filtering out negative reviews can have a huge impact on your business and its reputation. 

          Final thoughts

          Google review cards can make a huge difference to your Google Business profile.  Whether you decide to use them or not is up to you, but now at least you know what they are and what their purpose and potential are.

          If you are curious to see what the costs would be for your business, feel free to check out our product page and see for yourself how these review cards can help you transform your business at a truly insignificant cost. 


          Q: Can I customize the design of my Google review cards?

          A: No. The design of all the Google review cards we sell is exactly the same. We believe that minimizing the possibilities of personalization makes the cards look more professional and closer to the Google brand rather than your own. This improves, in our opinion, the openness with which your customers will approach the reviews.

          Q: Are Google reviews important?

          A: Google reviews are incredibly important. They are a cheap, but extremely effective marketing tool and a sure way to improve your brand’s visibility, and credibility, and boost its local SEO for a minimum investment.

          Q: Are Google review cards suitable for all types of businesses?

          A: Pretty much, yes. Most physical businesses with a location where people actually have to visit will benefit tremendously from having Google review cards.

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